What Movies Are Similar to 2009 “Iron Cross” Film?

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Iron Cross is an unusual movie, where a father looks to reunite with his son after years apart. However, the reunion is not a simple one. When the father visits his son, he finds out that the person living above them is a retired German army officer who was part of the plot to kill their family. For this reason, the father and son reunite to get revenge for their dead loved ones. The movie is action packed, full of drama, and carries plenty of emotional Read more

What Was The Setting of the Movie “Iron Cross”?

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Iron cross is a film that tackles some very somber and sensitive issues. The evils of Nazism and the Holocaust are difficult subjects for filmmakers, even when their work is set during the Second World War, but in a present day setting the challenge is even greater.

In Iron Cross, the bridge between the past and the present is the film’s location, the city of Nuremburg, Germany. Nuremburg is an appropriate setting for a number of reasons. It was the city where Adolf Hitler held his annual Read more

Who Starred in “Iron Cross” Holocaust Film?

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“Iron Cross” starred a wide variety of actors from around the world. The most notable actor is the late Roy Scheider who is best known for his roles in “Jaws” and “The French Connection.” “Iron Cross” was the last film he worked on before his death, and the film was released posthumously.

Other actors include Scott Cohen, who has starred in many films and tv series throughout his career, Alexander Newton, and Calita Rainford. Monica Cruz, (Penelope Read more

Biographies of Writer Directors: Joshua Newton

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Joshua Newton is the writer and director of the Iron Cross. The movie is listed as drama, thriller and war. It was released on March 28, 2011. It is spoken in English with a few German words.

Scott Cohen played as Ronnie who is Joseph son. Joseph is played by Roy Scheider. The two has been apart for many years due to a disagreement of Ronnie getting married to Anna, played by Clyta Rainford, instead of making a career in law Read more

What Are The Major Themes of Film “Iron Cross”?

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What Are The Major Themes of Film “Iron Cross”?

Roy Scheider was one of the most talented actors to ever cross the silver screen. In the movie “Iron Cross” he plays the part of a retired New York policeman. Scheider was the obvious choice to play the character of Joseph, a troubled, complex individual. His family was murdered at the hands of the Nazis during the war. It is interesting that Roy plays the vengeance scenes just as passionately as he did in the film, “Jaws”.

When the 75 year old actor died, it left everyone feeling Read more

What Is The Plot of British “Iron Cross” Film?

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Joseph (the late Roy Scheider), a now retired Ney York police officer and Holocaust survivor, travels to Nuremburg, Germany to visit his son Ronnie (Scot Cohen). Years before Ronnie had turned down a promising career in the NYPD and married a Local artist named Anna (Calita Rainford) which caused Joseph to turn his back on his son for years. Soon after Joseph tries to heal the distance between them, he begins to suspect that Ronnie’s upstairs neighbor Herr Shrager (Helmut Berger) is loving under Read more

Did Roy Scheider Complete “Iron Cross” Film Before Death?

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It took experts in makeup and special effects to help finish the 2011 British film “Iron Cross” when its star, Roy Scheider, died prior to the end of filming. The film was to have been released in late 2010, but when Scheider died before filming ended producers had to scramble to finish the film since integral scenes were still being shot.

The film, written and directed by Joshua Newton, follows the story of a man who discovers the identity of the individual Read more

What Did Critics Think of 2009 Film “Iron Cross”?

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The movie “Iron Cross” starring the late Roy Scheider was released in 2009. Scheider played a retired New York police officer named Joseph. He’s thrust into his past when he travels to Nuremberg, Germany to mend fences with his son he had previously rejected. The argument was because his son had an opportunity to become a New York City policeman just like Joseph, and turned it down. While at the apartment of his son and daughter-in-law, directtelevisionpackages.com, Joseph feels living above them is the former SS Commander who murdered his entire family in a forest during World War II. Joseph talks his son into working with him to kill the upstairs neighbor who is living under the false name of Shrager. The story is told with a variety of flash-back sequences that enable the audience to understand the power of Joseph’s emotions. The movie received generally good reviews and brought in a reasonable $30,000,000 at the box office. The most common praise was the intensity that Roy Scheider brought to the Joseph character. Others felt the irony of going to see a son in Germany and having the SS commander that murdered your family live above him was a bit of a stretch. Unfortunately Roy Scheider passed away during the filming of the movie. There are a few scenes where it’s obvious some creative filming had to take place in order to accommodate for this loss.